Virginia Readers Choice 2013-2014 Resources, Part 2

Pumpkin trouble by Jan Thomas  is a fun additional to the fall books for library lessons. Just as in her other books such as Big Mean Dust Bunny, her illustrations are simple, yet hilarious and can lead to interesting discussions about the characters, setting and events.

Here are links to resources to use with this book:

-From Jan Thomas’ website

Printable “What are they saying?” activity sheets (includes pages for mouse, pig and duck) These would be great to use before reading the story, to have students predict or perhaps in the middle of the story for predicting what will happen next (when mouse and pig are running from the pumpkin) or after reading the story to summarize or changing what might have happened in the story.(ie:What if a wolf was in the pumpkin?)

-A video interview of Jan Thomas at the Salt Lake City Public Library (2.5 minutes)

-General pumpkin related activities

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